Welcome !

Thank you for your interest in becoming a customer or a leader on my team. 

If you don't know who I am, allow me share a little bit about myself. 




 I am a happily married 33 year old Christian living on the NC coast. I am a homemaker at heart.There is not one thing I don't enjoy about it.I love everything about being able to care for my home and husband full time. I consider myself  blessed!

I also enjoy being able to work from home. Its the best of both worlds and I don't think a wife and/or mother should ever have to choose between caring for those under her roof and keeping a roof over those she cares for.

To do both has been my dream and I do not think its by chance I found this industry and developed such joy for it.



I wanted something that would encourage me and encourage others. I wanted something that would help keep me accountable to my faith and be a daily reminder of what I wanted for my life and who I want to continue to strive to be. I was looking for something that would reaffirm my beliefs and not have me questioning if I was even trying to live my life in line with them. For the past 5 years I have been with a few companies.However I wanted something that filled my cup up. I wanted to be a part of something that made a impact on me truly and on others.I wanted to be a part of something that helps me to do the things I would want to pursue even if there was zero money to be made and a company wasn’t in the picture at all. That is where Mary & Martha came into play. I wanted to be able to share the gospel,be with like hearted women, focus on my relationship with God and pursue being a strong biblical woman. I believe I have found that. I am genuinely looking forward to what God has planed for me and my business. I am also eager to help other women with a similar desire.

~Candy Renee

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